Drawing New Territories

3rd Swiss Design Network Symposium 17-18 November 2006 in Geneva, Switzerland

Design as Science and Research
Prof. Beat Schneider, Hochschule der Künste Bern

Design and Research - Developing a Discipline
Prof. Nigel Cross

Research into Practice - A Case Study of Design and Research for a Mobile Environment
Prof. Kun-Pyo Lee

Design Research - Generating Knowledge through Doing
Prof. Kees Overbeeke, Stephan Wensveen, Caroline Hummels

The System around the Product - Shifting the Focus from Material to Immaterial Aspects in Design Solutions
Prof. Nicola Morelli

Designing for Rich Interaction - Integratiuong Form, Interaction and Function
Joep J.W. Frens

Exploring Materials - New Media in Design
Daniel Saakes

Integrated Descriptive Interactivity for Complex Collections
Daniel Pinkas

Design as Rhetorik - Basic Principles for Design Research
Gesche Joost, Arne Scheuermann

Designing a Tactile Mobile Phone - Experimenting Tactile Interaction through Cognitive Science Approach to Complete Design Methodology
Barthélémy Maillet, Anne Guénand, Charles Lena

Proactive Design
Prof. Turkka Keinonen

Ralf Michel, Director Swiss Design Network
Lysianne Lechot-Hirt, Head of Design Research, Geneva University of Art and Design