Current Design Research Projects and Methods

Keynote Speakers

  • Teal Triggs Information Environments: Design Research and the Everyday
  • Kristina Niedderer Practice in the Process of Doctoral Research
  • Karmen Franinovic Basic Interaction Design for Sonic Artifacts in Context

Track 1: Design Research and Teaching (MA)

  • Axel Vogelsang, Rathna RamanathanChanging perspectives: the Relationship Between Research, Writing and Visual Practice in MA Design Education
  • Silvia Luisa Pizzocaro Teaching Research Methods for Design. Experiences in Progress
  • Christian Woelfel, Claudia Prescher A Definition of Design Knowledge and its Application to two Empirical Studies

Track 2: Methods and Processes in Design and Design Research

  • Lysianne Léchot Hirt CreaSearch – Methodologies and Models for Creation-based Research Projects in Design
  • Melanie Kurz Theses on the Significance of the Model in the Form-finding Process
  • Claudia Mareis New Presentation Forms and Models for Qualitative Interviews in Medicine Management

Track 3: Design, Design Research & Industry

  • Manuela Stefanie Lackus, Bernhard Rothbucher Interdisciplinary Method Development for the Operationalization of Product- and Brand Communication
  • Claudia Acklin, Hans Kaspar Hugentobler Design Management for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Development of a Design Management Guide for the Use of Design and Design Management within Corporate R&D and Decision-Making Processes
  • Rosan Chow, Gesche Joost Best or Worst of the Two Worlds? - Experiences in Long-Term University-Industry Collaboration in Design Research
  • Margaret Tillberg Collaborative Design: The Electric Industry in Soviet Russia 1973–79
  • Alain Findeli Research through Design and Transdisciplinarity a Tentative Contribution to the Methodology of Design Research
  • Workshop Teaching Design Research Design Research Methods Research and Partnerships

Workshop reports and appraisal

  • Gavin Melles The Academization of Design and its Consequences for the Visual, Textual and Artefactual Production of Practice-based Research
  • Rosan Chow An-Institut Deutsche Telekom Laboratories, Technische Universität Berlin "Case Transfer Vs Case Study: An Evaluation on Case Study as a Method for Design Research"