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The SDN supports the dissemination and publication of research and other efforts by up and coming researchers and PhD candidates at Swiss Art and Design Universities. This can be done through workshops and various public formats. 


01. Dec. 2022

The Prize of Success

Publishing Grant Recipient

29. Oct. 2022 - 30. Oct. 2022

Data Visualization x Machine Learning

Workshop Supported by the SDN grant 2021

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20. Nov. 2021

Words Form Language

«When language begins to break down a little bit, it becomes exciting and communicates in nearly the simplest way that it can function: you are forced to be aware of the sounds and the poetic parts of words».

01. Mar. 2021


The podcast that explores design as planetary praxis. In each episode Michaela Büsse speaks to artists, filmmakers, designer, architects or researchers whose practice explores entanglements between society, technology and environment. Together they discuss how histories, geographies and politics shape practices and how, in return, these practices shape our being in the world.

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01. Mar. 2019

Exploratory Polylogues

New complex challenges and ideological shifts are shaking the very foundations of our society. Despite living in a highly informed and hyperconnected world, alienation and polarisation are evident in society. Digital media and communication tools are mostly perceived as progressive but they contribute to communication becoming increasingly abstract.

Letters on the floor