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The essays collected in this volume explore a broad number of approaches to design research: Historical, critical perspectives on design and design research, overviews of the social conditions of design and the theories and instruments of co-design, investigations of design research practices, examples of concrete projects and developments, and connecting the material and digital worlds.

Book design:
Rob Van Leijsen, Genève

English, 320 pages, ca. 80 images, 16 × 22 cm, Softcover

ISBN 978-3-03863-032-6

Unfrozen encompasses a selection of research projects that were presented at the “Unfrozen” Conference. Unfrozen literally refers to the desire to create a warm atmosphere and to break the ice between specialist and design research disciplines.
Ruth Baumeister starts with a retrospective of design history: beginning with the central conflict between Max Bill and Asger Jorn, two prototypical energies of design are put into perspective that are also found in the other chapters.