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Words Form Language

«When language begins to break down a little bit, it becomes exciting and communicates in nearly the simplest way that it can function: you are forced to be aware of the sounds and the poetic parts of words».

Workshop Leads
Simon Mager & 
Leonardo Azzolini

Quoting from Bruce Nauman’s statement, this workshop held by Omnigroup (a design studio based in Lausanne) aims at investigating condensation processes in language and how they can be expressed through typography. Nauman’s explorations in language are contextualized by discussions and brief lectures, drawing parallels to the works of the concrete poets and specifically Bolivian-born Swiss poet Eugen Gomringer in a playful and practical manner.

The workshop was part of the Grand Tour with ECAL in Venice Palazzo Grassi — Punta della Dogana Venice.
It was held at Palazzo Grassi on Saturday 20 November 2021. For the full program please visit

Workshop Results