Unfrozen Cover Xs

    – a Design Research Reader by the Swiss Design Network, published by and available at Triest Verlag


    The essays collected in this volume explore a broad number of approaches to design research: Historical, critical perspectives on design and design research, overviews
    of the social conditions of design and the theories and instruments of co-design, investigations of design research practices, examples of concrete projects and developments, and connecting the material and digital worlds. Unfrozen encompasses a selection of research projects that were presented at the SDN Design Research Summit 2016 with the same name.

    Table of Contents

    Arne Scheuermann


    Heat Wave

    Ruth Baumeister

    Heated Debates: Petit-Suisse versus Grand Danois

    Releasing the Past

    Ludwig Zeller

    The B1/B2 Manifesto: Refining Dichotomies in Post-utopian Design Research

    Grace Lees-Maffei

    Not Mere Messengers or Window Dressers: Understanding Social Contexts for Graphic Design

    Anna Calvera

    Local Histories: On the Hypothesis of the Three Origins of Design

    Minou Afzali

    CommuniCare: Communication Design in Culturally Sensitive Nursing Homes

    Marie Heidingsfelder, Martin Kim Luge, Kora Kimpel, Martina Schraudner

    Shaping the Future: Co-designing Future Technologies

    Subglacial Lake

    Joshua McVeigh-Schultz

    Designing Speculative Rituals and other Tangible Imaginaries

    Daniela Peukert, Andrea Augsten

    Reflecting on the Roles and Skill Sets of Designers and Design Researchers

    Matina Kousidi, Joanna Pierce, Eva Sopeoglou

    We are Never Naked: Insulation as a Performing Surface

    Reshaping the Landscape

    Lisa Elzey Mercer

    Riding Shotgun in the Fight Against Human Trafficking

    Venanzio Arquilla, Annalisa Barbieri

    Empowering Locals through Service Design and Social Innovation: The Make in Progress Case Study

    Bianca Herlo, Andreas Unteidig, Gesche Joost

    Community Now?

    Tomás García Ferrari

    Design Futures: The Role of Design in a Software Society

    Cracking the Surface

    Isabel Rosa Müggler Zumstein, Tina Tomovic

    Chromatic Light-emitting Textiles: Pioneers of Metamorphic Appearance

    Christiane Luible, Caecilia Charbonnier

    Fashioning Movement: A New Approach to Fashion Design

    Andrea Weber Marin, Françoise Adler

    The Multidisciplinary Research Project DAFAT: A Design-driven Technology Development

    Tina Moor, Andrea Weber Marin, Daniel Wehrli

    Stoffwechsel—Tex Lining: Textile Insulating Solutions for Architectural Renovation

    Inheriting the Future

    Ruedi Baur, Ulrike Felsing

    Visual Translations: Typography and Information Design for Intercultural Communication