Published proceedings of the SDN symposia: in book form or as free, downloadable PDFs.

Unfrozen Cover Xs


Mgdhs Cover

Mapping Design History in Switzerland

SDN Publication 8th Symposium 2012: Disruptive Interaction_cover

Disruptive Interaction


Practicing Theory (or: Did Practice Kill Theory?)

SDN Publication 2010: Negotiating futures, design fiction_cover

Negotiating futures. Design fiction

SDN Publication 2009: Multiple ways to design_cover

Multiple Ways to Design Research - Research cases that reshape the design discipline

SDN Publication 2008 Focused Cover

Focused - Current Design Research Projects and Methods

Drawing New Territories: 3rd SDN Design Research Symposium 2008, Publication_cover

Drawing New Territories

SDN Publication: La recherche en relation avec l'environnement du design_cover

La recherche en relation avec l'environnement du design

Erstes SDN Designforschungssymposium 2004, Publication_cover

Erstes Design Forschungssymposium