Disruptive Interaction

SDN Publication 8th Symposium 2012: Disruptive Interaction_cover

    These proceedings collect the contributions of the 8th Swiss Design Network Symposium Disruptive Interaction held on November 9, 2012 in Lugano.

    ISBN: 978-88-7713-680-0

    Disruptive Interaction

    Interaction and interactivity have become core concepts within design fields, questioning and reshaping a world of rapid change in society, the sciences, and technology. Additionally, the advent of these concepts seems to fundamentally affect the role, fields of action, and practices of design research.

    For the above reasons, the 8th Swiss Design Network Symposium focuses on the dialectical relationship between design and disruptive ideas, practices and innovations. Disruptive Interaction aims to investigate and discuss the capability, responsibility, and agency of design in areas of disruptive change.