​Thursday, 28 January 2016

5 pm

Arrival and check-in



Fireside Talk 1

Mapping Eco-Social Design: Tactics and Strategies in the Field (MESD) – Kris Krois

Fireside Talk 2

Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s) – Christophe Guignard, Patrick Keller


Unfinishedness: a characteristic of disruptive artefacts – Mark Green

Open End

Hotel bar

Friday January 29, 2016


Keynote Talk 1

Riding Shotgun in the Fight Against Human Trafficking – Lisa Mercer

Keynote Talk 2

Co-Designing With People: Accounts Of A Design Research Experiment – Charles Ikem

Parallel Talks 1

New Design Methods for Typography and Information Design in the Field of Intercultural Communication – Ulrike Felsing / Chromatic light emitting Textiles are Pioneers of a new Dimension of textile Materials with metamorphic Appearance – Tina Tomovic / Empowering territory through service design and social innovation: the MakeinProgress case study – Annalisa Barbieri

Parallel Talks 2

Visual Identity Tool-Boxes Programming and Making New Codes for Logos and the Visual Representation of Organizations – Francesco E. Guida / The multi disciplinary Research Project DAFAT – a design driven technology development – Françoise Adler / Community Now? Conflicts, Interventions, New Publics – Gesche Joost

Parallel Talks 3

Fashioning Movement; a new approach to Fashion Design – Christiane Luible

Lunch break

Keynote Talk 4

Resolving Dichotomies: An Essay on Critical and Speculative Design – Ludwig Zeller

Keynote Talk 5

The Anatomy of Design – Sabina Sieghart

Keynote Talk 3

Designing Speculative Rituals, Situations and other Tangible Imaginaries – Joshua McVeigh-Schultz

Workshop 1

DI(dot)EDU – A Design Inquiry Agitation with Denise Gonzales Crisp, Peter Hall, and Emily Luce.

Workshop 2

Socialising design for debate – Estelle Hary, Bastien Kerspern


Apéro and raclette outdoors


Unfinishedness: a characteristic of disruptive artefacts – Mark Green

Fireside Talk 1

Asger Jorn vs Max Bill – Ruth Baumeister

Fireside Talk 2

Design is a Contradictory and Contrary Beast – Mark Green

Open End

Hotel Bar

Saturday 30 January 2016


Keynote Talk 6

Local histories concerns: on the hypothesis of the three origins of design – Anna Calvera

Keynote Talk 7

Not Mere Messengers or Window Dressers: Understanding Social Contexts for Graphic Design – Grace Lees-Maffei

Parallel Talks 5

Mapping world maps – Julia Mia Stirnemann / Design Futures: the role of Design in a Software Society – Tomás García Ferrari / The episteme of correalism – Gert Hasenhütl

Parallel Talks 6

Ambassadors of life: The architectural group Ant Farm – Jelena Martinovic / The Synthesis of Co-Making and Co-Working Environments that Fosters Dynamic Innovation – Ricardo Saint-Clair / CommuniCare – Communication Design in Culturally Sensitive Nursing Homes – Minou Afzali

Parallel Talks 7

Designing roles and competences of design researchers – Andrea Augsten, Daniela Peukert / Stoffwechsel – textile insulating solutions for old building – Tina Moor / Design reductionism: how information reduction can prompt designers’ imagination – Shiro Inoue

Lunch break

Keynote Talk 8

Co-designing future technologies – Marie Heidingsfelder, Martin Kim Luge

Workshop 3

We Are Never Naked.Insulation As A Performing Surface – M. Kousidi, J. Pierce, E. Sopeoglou

Workshop 4

Explore/Design the future mundane – Nicolas Nova


Unfinishedness: a characteristic of disruptive artefacts – Mark Green – Presentation


Gala dinner

Sunday January 31, 2016


Brunch / check-out and departure