Talk: Iolanda Pensa – Wikipedia Primary School

Friday, May 5 2017 // 4 pm. Designfestival, Impact Hub, Bern

Talk: Iolanda Pensa – Wikipedia Primary School

Visualizing Wikipedia and its knowledge gaps

Wikipedia Primary School is an applied research project aiming at providing on Wikipedia the information necessary to complete the cycle of primary education in the languages used by the different education systems. 

A presentation about how data visualizations were used throughout the research Wikipedia Primary School to observe content, its links and location within the Wikipedia taxonomy system. Data visualizations allowed the project to acknowledge content history, contributions and visualizations; they triggered an understanding of controversies, dynamics, strengths and weaknesses; they allowed comparisons: chronological comparisons and comparisons between content. The visualizations also recorded the research history and its impact on Wikipedia. 

Talk: Iolanda Pensa – Wikipedia Primary School

Design Festival Bern, May, 5-7 2017

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