Senseable Art

Experiments in art-mediation via technology and the human senses – Research Workshop, 12-16 December

The workshop Senseable Art aims to explore the opportunity to create art-mediation experiences via the process of making universal solutions which play with the expansion and augmentation of human senses. The action-research points at designing and developing other codes for making cultural artifacts accessible, perceivable and understandable to all, both visually impaired and sighted people. In the time span of a week, designers, artists, researchers, students and makers collaborate to realize prototypes of solutions that mediate, deconstruct, open - via other senses - the artworks exhibited at museum spaces in Switzerland.

The workshop is organized by Laboratory of Visual Culture within the research “Mediation Culture Inclusion”. The project is designed as an action-research, aiming to experiment, verify and disseminate accessibility measures and good practices of cultural mediation for visually impaired persons. Supported by a wide and prestigious museum network, the project focuses on the development of easily scalable and reproducible solutions able to support visually impaired people in accessing Southern Switzerland's art museums collections and exhibitions, thus promoting equal opportunities and open access to the cultural and artistic world.

Expert participants

Carl H. Smith,
Varvara Guljajeva,
Selena Savic,
Peter Law,
Gabriele Gambotto,
Alice Mela,


3 places available, free of charge

Campus Trevano SUPSI,
Fablab SUPSI,
Lugano, Switzerland

12-16 December