Patientensicherheit und Design

Symposium April, 1 2017

Patientensicherheit und Design

Experts from different professions in the health care sector agree that the design of and in hospitals has a major effect on employees and patients. Therefore, the design of the hospital environment also affects the safety of patients. This fact has been little recognised so far in health care systems worldwide. 

This was one of the main reasons why Patient Safety Switzerland has designed the new and future oriented project «More patient safety by design: Systemic approaches for hospitals». It focuses on the aspects of design and architecture that are relevant to patient safety. 

The project is mainly funded by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health. Its aim is to raise the awareness of health experts for systemic approaches to the design of health professional’s work environment and thus to improve patient safety.The one year project, which has been launched in spring 2016, was divided into two parts: In a first step, the scientific literature was reviewed. In a second step, the topic was discussed and analysed with experts from various disciplines in two round table sesssions. The results will be published in a practice-oriented brochure, which is scheduled for April 2017. 

On April 7, 2017, a symposium will be held with renowned national and international speakers. During this meeting, systemic approaches for evidence-based design will be presented and future visions will be discussed. The meeting addresses to medical professionals, risk and quality managers, experts in patient safety, scientists, professionals of faculty management, designers, engineers and architects.We are pleased to welcome you to this first Swiss symposium on design and patient safety topics! Therefore – sign in today!

Careum Auditorium Zürich
Pestalozzistrasse 11
CH-8032 Zürich

Fee (including lunch and documentation)
Normal price: CHF 200
Reduced prices: students CHF 100

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