Newsletter 1/15

Dear Friends and Colleagues, Supporters and Partners of the SDN

2015 was a prolific year in the history of the Swiss Design Network – and we are looking forward to continuing our work with the same energy in 2016, starting with our grand 9th symposium: Unfrozen – First Design Research Winter Summit in Giessbach. We are happy to welcome you!

To all who want to know more about our activities in 2015 and our plans for 2016 we offer our new SDN Newsletter – you will find the first issue enclosed (in deutsch and english). From now on we will give you a regular update about our workshops, publications, events and networking activities every semester. Please give us a note if you would like to unsubscribe.

We wish you all the finest holidays and a successful 2016!

On behalf of the SDN Board

Arne Scheuermann