Book Launch

Unfrozen – a Design Research Reader published by Triest Verlag

Book Launch

It is here: the publication of the First SDN Design Research Summit, 2016 "Unfrozen"

"Unfrozen – a Design Research reader" encompasses a selection of research projects that were presented at the “Unfrozen” Conference. Unfrozen literally refers to the desire to create a warm atmosphere and to break the ice between specialist and design research disciplines.

Authors in order of appearance: 
Ruth Baumeister
Ludwig Zeller
Grace Lees-Maffei
Anna Calvera
Minou Afzali
Marie Heidingsfelder, Martin Kim Luge, Kora Kimpel,
Martina Schraudner
Joshua McVeigh-Schultz
Daniela Peukert, Andrea Augsten
Matina Kousidi, Joanna Pierce, Eva Sopeoglou
Lisa Elzey Mercer
Venanzio Arquilla, Annalisa Barbieri
Bianca Herlo, Andreas Unteidig, Gesche Joost
Tomás García Ferrari
Isabel Rosa Müggler Zumstein, Tina Tomovic
Christiane Luible, Caecilia Charbonnier
Andrea Weber Marin, Françoise Adler
Tina Moor, Andrea Weber Marin, Daniel Wehrli
Ruedi Baur, Ulrike Felsing

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