Adventures in Data Visualization 2016 / Summer workshop / 24-28 July / Lugano

Adventures in data visualization is a summer workshop dedicated to explorations into the field of data visualization by means of computational technologies and design approaches. By accessing and manipulating open datasets, the participants design and develop projects that make raw data perceivable through digital or physical means, transforming them in interactive experiences or in narrative flows, that create open data in turn. The projects can be built upon the use of storytelling, experimental or artistic approaches, information design techniques: the adventures in data visualization can be many in the time frame of five days hands-on workshop.

Adventures in Data Visualization 2016 / Summer workshop / 24-28 July / Lugano

The 2016 edition of the workshop Adventures in data visualization aims to explore the field of Open Data. Participants will be introduced to the topic, obtain legal and technical grounding in open data, and access and manipulate on-line datasets to create their projects. Participants will be introduced to the wealth of new resources for creative investigation and exploration, such as open government data portals and cloud-based data aggregation. 

Evening dives into the lake of Lugano are a warmly encouraged side activity of the workshop. Participants are warmly welcome to bring their own bath suit.

Teachers and tutors

Fabio Franchino (
Oleg Lavrovsky (
Serena Cangiano (
Fabian Frei (

Adventures in Data Visualization is open to interaction designers, creative coders, software developers, researchers and makers interested in doing things with data. A basic knowledge of scripting and programming language is recommended in order to participate. Motivated novices are very welcome to participate in the workshop. Participants must bring their own laptop.

5 days, from Sunday 24th to Thursday 28th July 2016, about 7 hours per day (35 hours)

Certificate and ECTS
Certificate of attendance and 2 ECTS

Admission and contact

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