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Exploratory Polylogues

New complex challenges and ideological shifts are shaking the very foundations of our society. Despite living in a highly informed and hyperconnected world, alienation and polarisation are evident in society. Digital media and communication tools are mostly perceived as progressive but they contribute to communication becoming increasingly abstract.

Scenarios For Exploring Language, Meaning and Communication

Workshop Lead:
Miriam Hempel

MA Design / Visual Communication, Zurich University of the Arts

Prof. Dr. Sarah Teresa Owens
Dr. phil. Björn Franke

This research investigates these phenomena by exploring language, meaning, and communication as a means to set social, cultural and political transformation in motion.

Through the use of terms as probes and typographic tools as active agents within discursive scenarios, this research cultivates more nuanced views and elicits a deeper understanding of the complexity and multiplicity of our realities.

Letters on the floor 5
Letters on the floor 5