Multiple Ways to Design Research

The job of a designer is increasingly like the polyglot role of a director, the cunning strategist, the innovative technologist and the far-sighted planner. 

5th Swiss Design Network Symposium 12-13 November 2009 in Lugano, Switzerland

The Fifth Symposium of the Swiss Design Network wants to highlight research cases informed by knowledge of other disciplines to understand their relevance for design theories, methods and practices.

According to this goal, the conference aims to present a multidisciplinary overview on research projects - from those ones originated within the design field to those ones originated within other fields - that produce design research outcomes useful to outline those theories, methods and practices which influence and reshape the design discipline.

The framework of the conference is based on the assumption that the evolution of sciences and technologies, and their impact on society, suggests new research questions that constantly tend to expand the ways to design research - in term of topics of interests, approaches and contaminations - research questions that can be relevant for design knowledge, practice and education. Delivering both panoramic overview and consolidation, the conference keynotes and the parallel project sessions are addressed to a wide range of attendees: senior researchers in academia and companies' R&D units, PhD and master students coming from different disciplines, and industry exponents involved in design development and production.